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A Note from Michael

February 27, 2011

Friends and Neighbors,

I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Michael.

Together, Cindy and I have decided to share the days when neighbor helped neighbor.  We have already covered a basic idea here but I would like to share a little more.  We just covered the tip of the ice berg, there is so much more that will develop over time.  Our aim is to recapture the way of life that our parents knew when they were young.

We all know the condition and economy of our beloved country, regardless of what country you live in.  We are all experiencing difficult times.  Many know how to cope with hard times.  Many have never known difficulties.  A person really has to live it to “know it”.

Remember, no matter how alone you feel, you are never alone.

Over time, we hope to share many ideas and thoughts.    

Rule #1.  You are never helpless!

We all have something of value to share.  It may be gold or silver, but it also nay be knowledge or experience- which may be more valuable than any precious metal.

I had the joy of growing up in a tiny town of 655 people in Iowa.  It was in the 1950s, the Leave it to Beaver days.  I feel sorrow for those who missed out on that era.

We can recapture that way of life, neighbor by neighbor, street by street, neighborhood by neighborhood by simply sharing the gift each of us has to offer.

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