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Fun Food Challenge

February 28, 2011

Along the way, we will from time to time have fun challenges.

This is a food challenge.

Honestly, this is something I cannot take credit for, it’s an idea from my son.  At least I know he has turned into a well-rounded young man.

You may choose the number of neighbors, friends or family to participate in this challenge.  Also, use your talent for this one!

For the sake of this example we will use 5 people

1.  Andy – has more fresh eggs than he can use

2.  Patty – remember Patty?  she loves to bake pies

3.  Jeff – bakes the most beautiful and delicious bread you have ever eaten

4.  Ginny – makes potato chips that melt in your mouth

5.  You – what is your specialty?  what is your talent?  (Rely on something you have a passion for making or baking)

Once a week, Andy presents everyone with 1 dozen eggs, Patty brings an offering of a delicious pie, Jeff has a loaf a freshly baked bread for each, etc.  You get the idea.

Now!  You spent your time preparing something you love baking or cooking.  It was a joy for you. It’s a joy to share your talents.  It’s a blessing to receive the talents of others. 

For your efforts of giving, you will receive eggs, pie, bread, potato chips and we hope you did not forget to make an extra of your special talent for you and your family.


Think about it

Can you really think of a better scenario?

Neighbor By Neighbor

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