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Your Neighborhood Mini Government

March 10, 2011

Set up a neighborhood mini government and hold monthly meetings.  Never hold closed meetings, make every one welcome and a part.  Organize a neighborhood watch.  Organizing a neighborhood guard group is not a bad idea, after all you are now a community.

There are a multitude of ways you can do this.  If creating time for a meeting is difficult, try having a pot luck dinner.  We all need to eat.  Food brings people together and creates a setting for being “neighborly”.

Discuss the current needs in your neighborhood.  Consider the ongoing problems and come up with viable solutions to reverse the situation.   Keep it small.

Your neighbors may feel the need to set up some type of structured government.  Remember, government was intended to be run from the bottom up, not the top down.  This is what you will be establishing in  your neighborhood.

Feel free to contact the local Sheriff.  He or she is the ultimate law of the land.  Let him know what you are doing.  He may also be able to provide you with suggestions.

My thoughts on bringing in the Sheriff  are positive but I would highly suggest you present him with a book written by Sheriff  Richard Mack, America’s Last Hope.  Not only will this be an educational tool for him, but you will be presenting him with a gift showing your appreciation.

Note:  You can find America’s Last Hope at

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