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Neighborhood Gardening

March 11, 2011

A neighborhood garden is a great idea.  With a traditional garden, it takes about one acre to support a family of four 100%.  Those who can’t afford to contribute to the cost can contribute some labor.  Lots of weeds in a large garden, if you have ever tended a large garden, you will remember how quickly they grow. 

There are now alternative ways to garden.  You can grow vertically, teaching vining plants such as cucumbers climb.  I have even grown pumpkins vertically. 

Square foot gardening is traditionally raised in beds.  There is less weeding in square food gardening. 

Another option would be straw bale gardening.  You actually plant in the straw.  This is great if you have clay soil or even place the bales on the patio.

With careful planning, you will find you will be able to plant more in the space you do have.  You will also find more places you can plant.  Plant veggies in your flower beds.  Plant hanging baskets of strawberries.  Let your mind wander.  Then research.  Experiment.


Neighborhood canning equipment, a neighbor dehydrator, and a secure place to store the products are just a few items to consider.  These are all great assets.  Regardless of what the future brings, the greatest asset is you are now neighbors as neighbors were meant to be.  Welcome back to the future of this great land.

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