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Lighten Your Burden

March 17, 2011

We left off with the formation of the beginning of you new neighborhood community so we will pick up there.  Once the nucleus of the community is formed, about 2/3’s of the people will remain active.  You will find it a pretty full time job keeping things together, so the more dedicated members you have the better.

Form committees in the same form as a small town, elect a mayor and council of at least 6 people, but be sure to give everyone an active roll.  

Form Committees

You will find enough work for everyone.  

The following is a “Quick List” of things that would be good to have.


Safety Committee:

to observe, patrol, and alert the neighborhood of possible danger, or safety issues.

Community Garden Committee:

locate a place for a community garden for those who don’t have available space. 

Establish Safe Houses:

several houses scattered around the neighborhood where kids or people can gather if needed in and emergency or unusual circumstances.

Community Water Committee

to create and maintain a good source of clean water.  (An independent community water-well would be a very good idea.)

Emergency Food

organize food storage for emergencies.

There are other committees you can come up with, but aside from these, develop the talents of the residence of the neighborhood;  a mechanic, plumber, electrician, baker, barber, health care, teachers, tinkerer, entertainer, dress or clothing maker, and many more talents found in your community will amaze you.

It’s not being suggested people give their service free, except in a situation of emergency.  What is being suggested is that each person exchanges their talents for those of someone else.  This in itself can reduce the cost of living for the entire community by a great deal.

The next person to consider is a guy found in every neighborhood, the one many of you have been trying to get rid of for years.  He is the guy that sees every piece of junk as treasure, and probably has a future use planned for every piece of it.  It will absolutely amaze you what this guy can do with an old bicycle, a car alternator, or a discarded old car battery.  I the case of a Hurricane Katrina, or the Japanese type disaster this person could be the most important person in the neighborhood.


The key to any successful organization or group is…


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