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Exciting Adventures Ahead!

Neighbor By Neighbor and your world can grow into a special time of sharing, caring and bringing forth simplicity.

The basic idea is to begin sharing what you do best and trading or bartering for what your neighbor does best.

Here is an example.  Your neighbor makes the most delicious pies.  You drool if you walk past her home while she is baking.  If you’re like me, your pie crusts are never flaky!   Instead, they are wafer thin hockey pucks.

What would you do for a pie made by your neighbor Patty?  Think about it…

Does Patty need to have her driveway pressure washed?  Would you be willing to barter with Patty for that pie?

We all have something we enjoy doing and we’re usually pretty good at it.  For Patty, she loves baking pies.  She has the perfect touch with the pie crust and she knows just the perfect amount of each spice to use.  It is an easy task for Patty because it’s a love for her, a talent.  You and Patty do not share the same talents but you would both benefit from the barter.

As we explore the exciting adventures of Neighbor By Neighbor, we will share ideas with you.  In turn, please share your thoughts and experiences with us.  We also welcome guest writers!  Please speak up.  We will all learn from each other.

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  1. mississippigal permalink
    February 27, 2011 6:52 pm

    Hi Cindy! Great blog. I have already been talking to my clients about barter. I cut your hair, you cut my grass. I accept silver coins for payment, etc. God Bless~

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